Final Thoughts

Final thoughts 

Do I believe my illness is ALS? YES!

 Apart from the list of symptoms, what is ALS ? 

 When I asked my doctors, they don’t know.
The theories and treatments only look at symptoms. ALS can hit anyone at anytime and that is why doctors have a hard time understanding the cause. Now take into consideration that doctors receive no training in mold poisoning. Mycotoxins are so small they are hard to detect, there are more than 600 types of Mycotoxins cataloged.  Mycotoxin poisoning can happen wherever mold is present, in foods, and our environment and since 1987 from Statins.  When the body hits a point of saturation to the exposure of Mycotoxins the immune system is rendered ineffective at detoxing.   People don’t seem to understand how hazardous mold can be. Consider me a test subject that has been dosed with a lethal dose of Mycotoxins. Every symptom described about ALS I have experienced. Now with the tests of the medication and of my body, I have proof that Mycotoxins caused my illness. 

If I  am right, it would give doctors a course for treatment and maybe hope for other ALS patients.

Here’s a letter I wrote my doctor

Your friend,
Thomas Strohhacker