Looking at symptoms

Under “Mycotoxins are used in Statins “ , I show the high dose of Mycotoxins I was exposed to, for a 2 year period. Now I will link articles supporting what was happening to my body. I will try to attach a time line to the symptoms.

Twitching in my arms, (first noticed August 2017, one year 7 months on Lipitor)

Multiple sclerosis occurs as a consequence of central nervous system neuronal demyelination. Decades of research suggest that the primary suspects (e.g., viruses, genes, immune system) are associative rather than causative agents, but a surprisingly coherent relationship can be made between multiple sclerosis and fungal toxins. Specifically, certain pathogenic fungi sequester in non-neuronal tissue and release toxins that target and destroy CNS astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. Without these glial support cells, myelin degrades triggering the onset of multiple sclerosis and its associated symptoms. Fungal toxins should be looked at as an underlying cause of sclerosis related diseases and thus may offer an avenue towards an effective cure.

Hand and arm weakness in the right side (December 2017, 25 months on 80mg Lipitor)

 Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell. Mitochondria are small organelles floating free throughout the cell. Some cells have several thousand mitochondria while others have none. Muscle cells need a lot of energy so they have loads of mitochondria. Recent decades have seen a rapid increase in reported toxic effects of drugs and pollutants on mitochondria. Mycotoxins in Statins are used to block the chemical reaction of pyruvate and acetyl CoA  in the liver to form reductase a key component in Lipoprotein production. Thus stopping cholesterols. A similar chemical reaction of pyruvate and acetyl CoA  in the mitochondria happens and if that process is blocked the mitochondria will die. With reduced mitochondria, muscles in all systems of the body will weaken.

Weakness in my right leg occurred (February 2018) Muscle cramps 

The muscle cramps had started over a year before with the joint pains, but now had increased in intensity.

Difficulty walking or doing your normal daily activities (June-July 2018) Tripping and falling.

Tripped and fell bruising my ribs 

Severe muscle  spasms start in different parts of the body.(October 2018)

Emotions that have been heightened from sad to happy become uncontrollable.

Trouble swallowing, mouth starts salivating, (December 2018)

Start a high dose glutathione with antioxidants IV treatment twice a week . Right hand becomes a claw, fingers no longer straighten or have much power.

Discontinue treatments due to difficulties in transportation (March 2019)

Try detox cleanse , losing the will to live, arrange the first appointment for euthanasia.

Difficulty holding your head up or keeping good posture (May 2019)

Taking oral supplements NAC, A,B complex, C, D, E, Calcium , Magneseium , Potassium, PQQ, and Coconut Charcoal, Colon cleanse. Find a lab for testing Mycotoxins and confirm high dose Mycotoxins in the Statin I was on.

Things start to improve (June 2019)

 Researching mitochondria repair, I came across NtFactor a Lipid based repair. I Start taking NtFactor the second week of June, now in my third week, I noticed an improvement in endurance and strength. 

I had a second Mycotoxins test done, this time on my body, results that returned were so high that I broke down and cried. I have lost to date over 70 lbs of muscle. Looking in the mirror at a skeleton, where three years ago I had a muscular body that I was proud of. I don’t understand my doctors arguing with me when I said I had Rhabdomyolysis. Or why doctors shut me down when I tried to discuss the Statin / Mycotoxin connection. I can only hope that my doctors will be more openminded in the future. I am feeling better and stronger everyday, but I still have a lot of work detoxing and building strength back. At least the muscle cramps, numbness and spasms are gone. Stiffness and arm weakness are my biggest problems. I’m maintaining strength in my legs by riding my stationary bike and doing squats in my lift.

On June 26, 2019 I received the results of my Mycotoxins urinalysis. I had stopped taking Lipitor 80mg for a year and a half. The results were as follows Ochratoxin A 35.80ng/g , Citrinin 10ng/g, and Mycophenic Acid 30.76ng/g , the Labs recommendation of tolerable levels are 4, 5, 5ng/g respectfully. Because of drug blood protein bonding it’s very hard to detox Mycotoxins.

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